Horrorfield Survival Mod Apk latest version download 2019

The most exciting game after Pubg or Call Of Duty is the Horrorfield Mod Apk for those who are interested in playing horror games as well as interested in watching these movies. The horror field is like any other game. but some new features are added to it. The game was developed by a very famous developer Skytec Games, Inc. Also, the game has millions of downloads in the google play store.


Its an expedition exploring a mysterious ancient village. On the surface, it looks mysterious, scary. There is no life here. They did not know that there was a scary killer in this village, waiting for the unfortunate visitors to come to him. Who is he? A maniac or a murderer? What will happen? Can they survive? Only you can find the answer. The game has 7 types of maniacs and 7 types of victims, each with his skills and abilities.
Now for your survival, there are a lot of weapons that are hidden all over the village, you need to explore them and used it for your survival. Survive through all stages of this game; you will be the winner
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Horrorfield (MOD, Eagle View)


In the market, This game has many different types of games that give people a variety of emotional expressions. Survival game will make players feel stressed and put all their minds to become the last survivor or Horror game will contain many frightening elements for players to have fearless scenes or will be repressed photos in a certain period. Some of the games you can mention include PUBG, The Visitor, Granny, … If you are a fan of Horror games and survive, Horrorfield – Multiplayer Survival Horror Game will definitely be the right game for you.

Creepy Hide and Seek Online

Looking at the game, you can see the genre of this game. Players will be connected together and help each other survive in this game. The game is set in a person covered by night and dominated by a psychopath's name. Your goal will be to explore this place together and find an escape route, but this place is not as simple as you think. This place is a place with no electric lights, quite dark and tough to see so you will be quite difficult to observe around you and so you will easily stick to the trap of people. The time spent with you is always gone, and for a while, you need to find the generator of that area so you can open the exit. And in this game, there will be 7 different types of characters, and they will have a special for themselves.
Features of Horrorfield Mod Apk

  •  Maniac mode allows you to independently develop a strategy for hunting its victims
  •  Survivor mode allows players to jointly escape from a bloody killer
  •  Authentic character level and unique skills
  •  Unique crafting system – create and upgrade items in workshops and forges
  •  Highly detailed locations with the atmosphere of a post-apocalypse and a terrible game
  •  Coming soon: clans, quests, and leaderboards

How to Install:

Click the above button to Start Downloading the PUBG Mobile Apk mod by clicking the download button below. It’s safeno virus we keep it real. 

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